an interactive teaching system for lecturers

Interactive engagement + text and other materials =
enhanced understanding and good learning outcomes

User-friendly Portal

Imagine a personalised subject portal that:

  • allows you to access resources to assist with teaching
  • engages your students and monitors their participation and progress
  • provides meaningful assessment tools to encourage faster learning outcomes.

mentor is that portal - a user-friendly environment that provides a point of contact between you and your students.

Smart mentor

With mentor you can:

  • Customise tests for your class using multiple choice, drop and drag, short response or essay question options.
  • Access secure and discreet customisable student assessment modules - allowing you to customise confidential reports on student marks and ranking, which can be used as an assessment component or part of class participation.
  • Deliver additional materials to your students with a personalised subject portal where you can set up your own profile and messages; place reading lists, assignments, previous exams and other materials on your own mentor page; schedule important due dates in the online calendar; provide email feedback to your students.
  • Identify student strengths and weaknesses meaningful assessment tools and reports.
  • Set revision chapter modules where students are provided with a single attempt via assessment, and results are only available to the lecturer.
  • Access powerpoint slides, notes pages and answer guides for textbook modules where they are available.

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