an interactive learning system for students

mentor is an online learning space where you can test your knowledge and have another point of contact with your lecturer.

Test your knowledge and receive detailed feedback

Multiple choice, short answer, true/false and drag and drop questions will be available to test your knowledge. You'll get detailed feedback, supported by references to texts and other materials that will help you better understand the key principles and concepts of the subject. Practice short answer, essay and problem questions and check your understanding against answer guides to ensure you can apply your learning in assessment situations.

Self-paced learning

You can test your knowledge of a subject at your own pace. Attempt modules as many times as you need, whenever you choose.

Instant feedback

With mentor you will receive instant feedback and if the rest of your class are also completing assessments in mentor you can see how your marks and performance compare with the student average.

Lecturer communication portal

Mentor can also be used by your lecturer as a personalised subject portal for messages, reading lists, assignments, schedules and other materials for communicating with their class. If your lecturer has provided you with a password, follow your lecturer's teaching plan and the topic areas relevant to those covered in your specific curriculum. Access more tutorials and testing modules to further enhance your learning experience.

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