A-Z of Contract Clauses 5th Edition

A-Z of Contract Clauses 5th Edition

By Deborah Fosbrook, Adrian Laing


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Date: 04/12/2009

Code: 9781847038128

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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The A-Z of Contract Clauses provides you with extensive and varied, easy to edit contract clauses, copyright and rights definitions, terms and conditions which can improve your negotiation and drafting of agreements. It's an excellent reference library to help you update your agreements or to review a contract and be able to insert the new clauses you want added.
The main alphabetical headings are sub-divided across areas: DVD, Video and Discs; Film and Television; General Business and Commercial; Internet and Websites; Merchandising; Publishing; Purchase and Supply of Products; Services; Sponsorship; University, Library and Educational.
Examples of the main headings include: Accounting Provisions, Budget, Buyout, Copyright Clearance, Costs, Editorial Control, Exclusivity, Force Majeure, Gross Receipts, Indemnity, Liability, Marketing, Material, Moral Rights, Net Receipts, Omission, Payment, Privacy, Restraint of Trade, Royalties, Tender, Termination, Title, Third Party Transfer, and Trade Marks. New main clauses headings include Podcast, Policies, Security, Premium Rate Phone Lines and Software.
New for the new edition
New clauses have been added throughout the fifth edition, with the focus on rights and the internet, sub-licensing, merchandising, sponsorship and use of material by third parties. There are also two new articles - Understanding Copyright and how it is used in Contracts and Sub-licensing and Merchandising.
Jurisdiction: International

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