Bowett's: Law of International Institutions  6th Edition

Bowett's: Law of International Institutions 6th Edition

By Philippe Sands, Pierre Klein


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Date: 26/06/2009

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Bowett covers developments in the European Union, the World Trade Organisation and NAFTA. It analyses the common problems faced by international institutions and examines their potential solutions and provides a comprehensive account of international courts and tribunals and other dispute settlement bodies.

  • General Introduction.
  • Part 1: Overview of existing International Institutions. The United Nations. UN Specialised Agencies. Other autonomous organisations. Regional Institutions: Introduction. European Organisations. The Americas and Caribbean. Asia. The Middle East. Africa.
  • Part 2: The function of International Organisations. “Legislative” or normative function. “Executive” and administrative functions. Judicial and quasi-judicial function.
  • Part 3: Common Institutional Problems. Law governing the activities of International organisations. Legal personality. Membership and representation of members. Financial aspects.
Jurisdiction: International

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