Celebrity and Royal Privacy, the Media and the Law

Celebrity and Royal Privacy, the Media and the Law

By Robin Smith


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Date: 04/12/2015

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This new work explores the legal landscape surrounding celebrity, privacy and the media. It examines how English law has, and has not, balanced celebrities’ legal expectations of informational and seclusional privacy against the press and the media’s rights to inform and publish. It considers the raft of important recent cases that has significantly changed the law in this area.

  • Explores the position of the Monarch and members of the Royal family in relation to privacy laws
  • Analyses how the requirements of proportionality should be understood in various practical situations where disputes over privacy arise
  • Examines all the key decisions of recent years, from Mosley and Van Hannover to Google Spain and the Ryan Giggs case
  • Defines the key concepts of “celebrity” and “privacy”
  • Explains breach of confidence and the different classes of protected information
  • Covers misuse of private information
  • Analyses parliamentary privilege in the age of social media
  • Explains the regimes for protecting the anonymity of children of celebrities, and the European case law governing public pictures of celebrities
  • Shows how celebrities can use copyright as a privacy remedy
  • Covers the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, and the criminal offences under it
  • Explains how data protection can be used as a privacy remedy
  • Looks at the important case law emerging under the Defamation Act 2013

Table of Contents

Part I
Chapter 1 - Introduction: Key Concepts of Celebrity, Privacy and Proportionality

Part II
Chapter 2 - Breach of Confidence as a Privacy Remedy
Chapter 3 - Misuse of Private Information as a Privacy Remedy
Chapter 4 - Copyright and Image Rights as a Privacy Remedy
Chapter 5 - Protection of Harassment Act 1997 as a Privacy Remedy
Chapter 6 - Data Protection Act 1998 as a Privacy Remedy
Chapter 7 - Defamation Act 2013 as a Privacy Remedy
Chapter 8 - Conclusions

Part III
Chapter 9 - The monarch and members of the royal family
Chapter 10 - Freedom of Information Act 2000: post-enactment changes made in 2010 in respect of the monarch and the royal family
Chapter 11 - The Sovereign Grant Act 2011
Chapter 12 - The Convention of sealing the royal wills

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