Civil Appeals: Principle and Procedure 2nd edition

Civil Appeals: Principle and Procedure 2nd edition


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Date: 12/12/2014

Code: 9780414034242

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Civil Appeals offers detailed procedural guidance through the complex process of bringing appeals in the civil courts. It deals with appeals from county court judges, district judges, Queen's Bench and Chancery Masters and bankruptcy registrars as well as High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court appeals.

  • Explains procedures in a straightforward, practical manner
  • Advises on the appropriateness of bringing an appeal, and techniques for arguing it
  • Goes beyond the rules themselves to examine the principles applied by appellate courts when considering appeals
  • Covers appeals against decisions of arbitrators
  • Contains useful procedural checklists to help ensure nothing is overlooked
  • Cross-referenced to Sweet & Maxwell's White Book to aid further research

Table of Contents

  • The right to appeal
  • Powers of appellate courts
  • Reviews and rehearings
  • Appeals against findings of fact
  • Appeals on points of law
  • Appeals against mixed findings of fact and law
  • Appeals against exercises of discretion
  • Appeals against case management decisions
  • Appeals against costs orders
  • Inadequacy of reasons
  • Admitting new evidence
  • What points may be taken on appeal
  • Effect of consent, concessions and reservations
  • Reopening appeals
  • Interested parties and appeals
  • The beginning of the appeal: the order and the judgement
  • Grounds of appeal
  • Permission to appeal
  • Procedure: beginning an appeal
  • Procedure: preparing for an appeal
  • Procedure: arguing an appeal
  • Practice outside the Royal Courts of Justice
  • Practice in the Court of Appeal
  • Practice in the Supreme Court
  • Practice in the Privy Council
  • Arbitration appeals

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