Colinvaux's Law of Insurance 13e MW+Sup

Colinvaux's Law of Insurance 13e MW+Sup

By Robert Merkin


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Date: 24/08/2023

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Colinvaux's Law of Insurance 13e MW+Sup

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For comprehensive and clear guidance on insurance contract law you need Colinvaux’s Law of Insurance. It takes a detailed look at three distinct areas: the insurance contract, the different parties involved and the features of special types of insurance contract in the UK. The commentary expertly examines the key principles, rights and issues and is supported with analysis of the most recent and significant case law.
The thirteenth edition sees key updates, including:
  • The commentary on business interruption insurance has been greatly expanded to include the latest COVID-19 litigation.
  • The chapter on conflict of laws has been redrafted to take account of the effect of Brexit on jurisdiction.
  • The discussion of motor insurance discusses important legislative changes, particularly in light of Brexit
  • The rewriting of sections on insurable interest indemnity, subrogation and late payment of claims.
It is available in print, online on Westlaw UK and as an eBook on ProView and updated annually to ensure you are always up to date. Key features include:
  • Extensive commentary on the construction of insurance policies to help explain issues such as risk, utmost good faith, insurable interest, the premium, claims and loss.
  • Addresses the roles of the different parties involved, including intermediaries, as well as the regulation of insurers.
  • Looks at nine special types of insurance contract: reinsurance, life and accident, property, liability, third party, motor vehicle, financial, marine and war risks.
  • Sets out the rules governing insurance contract wording and phrasing.
  • Includes a dedicated chapter on the rights of insurers.
  • Discusses the insolvency of insurance companies and relevant proceedings, as well as the protection of policyholders.
  • Analyses the most important cases, legislation and regulation.
  • Provides an international dimension with analysis of significant Commonwealth decisions that are affecting the English courts.
  • Supplemented annually to ensure the text is always up to date.


Table of Contents

Part I: The Contract of Insurance 
  • 1 Contract of insurance
  • 2 Conflict of laws
  • 3 Construction of the policy
  • 4 Insurable interest
  • 5 The risk
  • 6 The duty of utmost good faith
  • 7 Presentation of the risk
  • 8 Terms of insurance contracts
  • 9 The premium
  • 10 Claims
  • 11 Loss and the measure of indemnity
  • 12 The rights of insurers
  • 13 Statutory control of policies
Part II: The Parties
  • 14 The regulation of insurers
  • 15 The assured
  • 16 Insurance intermediaries
  • 17 The insolvency of insurance companies
Part III: Special Types of Insurance Contract
  • 18 Reinsurance
  • 19 Life and accident insurance
  • 20 Property insurance
  • 21 Liability insurance
  • 22 Third party rights under liability policies
  • 23 Motor vehicle insurance
  • 24 Financial insurance
  • 25 Marine insurance
  • 26 War risks


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