Commentary on the LCIA Rules 2nd Edition

Commentary on the LCIA Rules 2nd Edition

By Shai Wade


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Date: 13/12/2022

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A Commentary on the LCIA Arbitration Rules, 2nd edition expands on the First Edition, which was the first full length book on the 2014 LCIA Rules. The second edition provides a thorough assessment of the current Rules and their operation in practice, as well as their legal and historical context. It also provides advice on areas for consideration when choosing the LCIA Rules or conducting an arbitration under them, and highlights the differences and innovations in the Rules and their implications. The commentary extends to the Annex, containing Guidelines for legal representatives, the Schedule of Costs, and to the LCIA’s Guidance Notes. The book also provides practitioners with a substantial set of invaluable reference materials for use in conjunction with the Rules – new reference materials to this edition including the LCIA Guidance Notes.
Key features:
  • Provides expert analysis and practical advice to those considering or engaged in arbitration under the LCIA Rules, making it a valuable reference both for specialists and those new to arbitration
  • Explains features of administered arbitration under the LCIA Rules and draws comparisons with ad hoc, trade association and other institutional arbitration proceedings, such as those under the ICC and SIAC Arbitration Rules
  • Goes through every aspect of the proceedings so you have expert guidance throughout
  • Explains the LCIA’s procedures for the selection and appointment of Arbitral Tribunals and Emergency Arbitrators
  • Covers issues that need to be considered when nominating candidates for an Arbitral Tribunal
  • Discusses the challenge, removal or replacement of arbitrators and summarises and discusses published challenge decisions of the LCIA Court
  • Discusses the changes made to the LCIA Rules over time, thereby putting the current Rules in their proper context

Table of Contents

Article 1 – Request for Arbitration       
Article 2 – Response        
Article 3 – LCIA Court and Registrar     
Article 4 – Written Communications and Periods of Time   
Article 5 – Formation of  Arbitral Tribunal     
Article 6 – Nationality of Arbitrators     
Article 7 – Party and Other Nominations      
Article 8 – Three or More Parties      
Articles 9A, 9B and 9C       
Article 9A - Expedited Formation of Arbitral Tribunal   
Article 9B - Emergency Arbitrator      
Article 9C - Expedited Appointment of Replacement Arbitrator   
Article 10 – Revocation and Challenges      
Article 11 – Nomination and Replacement     
Article 12 – Majority Power to Continue Deliberations    
Article 13 – Communications Between Parties and  Arbitral Tribunal  
Article 14 – Conduct of Proceedings      
Article 15 – Written Statements       
Article 16 – Seat(s) of Arbitration and Place(s) of Hearing   
Article 17 – Language(s) of Arbitration      
Article 18 – Legal Representatives      
Article 19 – Oral Hearings       
Article 20 – Witness(es)        
Article 21 – Expert(s) to Arbitral Tribunal     
Article 22 – Additional Powers       
Article 23 – Jurisdiction and Authority      
Article 24 – Deposits        
Article 25 – Interim and Conservatory Measures    
Article 26 – Award(s)       
Article 27 – Correction of Award(s) and Additional Award(s)   
Article 28 – Arbitration Costs and Legal Costs     
Article 29 – Determinations and Decisions by LCIA Court  
Article 30 – Confidentiality      
Article 31 – Limitation of Liability         
Article 32 – General Rules      
Annex to the LCIA Rules General Guidelines for the Parties’ Legal Representatives (Articles 18.5 and 18.6 of the LCIA Rules)     
Schedule of Arbitration Costs (LCIA)     
Future disputes        
Existing disputes
The DIFC-LCIA and its Rules       

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