Criminal Injuries Compensation Law Practice & Policy - PDF

Criminal Injuries Compensation Law Practice & Policy - PDF

By Ian Freckelton AO KC


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Date: 01/11/2000

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Criminal Injuries Compensation: Law, Practice and Policy focuses on the rights of victims to be financially compensated by order of the courts and administrative decision-makers for harm and loss that they have suffered at the hands of criminal offenders. It gathers together the substantial case law that has evolved since the 1960s and 1970s and analyses the diverse statutory schemes in existence throughout Australia.

With a focus upon empowering victims to pursue their entitlements effectively, the book confronts the difficult political and social issues that lie at the heart of giving money to people who have been injured by criminal conduct. It traces the evolution of statutory schemes of compensation internationally, classifying them in terms of the pressures that have generated their different phases.

Originally published in 2000. This book is now available as a high quality PDF

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