Criminal Law Defences, 4th Edition

Criminal Law Defences, 4th Edition


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Date: 30/09/2013

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Criminal Law Defences, 4th Edition is a quick, clear and authoritative exposition of the criminal defences available in Canadian law, including lesser known defences not dealt with by standard texts. Pat Knoll, Q.C., a former Senior Crown Counsel and defence counsel, now Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Law, draws upon his substantial experience to provide the most comprehensive articulation of the criminal defences available. The foundations of each defence are clearly explained and the recent interpretations of them by the courts reviewed. A unique and indispensable resource for the Canadian criminal law practitioner, prosecutors and defence counsel alike will benefit from this concise, complete and easy to use reference.

The new 4th edition of this classic work thoroughly reviews and updates all the significant developments in Canadian criminal law defences since the last edition.

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