Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in the Channel Islands 3e

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in the Channel Islands 3e


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Date: 13/12/2022

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Discusses the principles of Jersey and Guernsey trust law,enabling practitioners to interpret and understand existing trust settlements and to draft new ones with confidence.
  • Highlights the differences between Jersey and Guernsey trust law
  • Enables you to understand the law and to draft safe, accurate trusts, according to the law in either jurisdiction
  • Advises on the best trust to use in each situation and provides solutions to drafting problems
  • Highlights common mistakes and traps
  • Covers both lifetime trusts and will trusts
  • Cites Jersey and Guernsey case law, both reported and unreported
  • Offers a clear, easy-to-understand style, free of technical jargon
  • Written by two highly regarded trust practitioners, so you know you can rely on the advice given

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Trusts in Jersey and Guernsey—An Introduction 
  • Chapter 2 Style 
  • Chapter 3 Principles of Interpreting Trust Documents 
  • Chapter 4 Beneficiaries 
  • Chapter 5 Trustees 
  • Chapter 6 Trustees’ Powers
  • Chapter 7 Trust Property 
  • Chapter 8 Duration of the Trust 
  • Chapter 9 General Provisions of a Trust 
  • Chapter 10 Drafting Overriding Powers (Appointment,
  • Resettlement and Advancement) 
  • Chapter 11 Exercising Overriding Powers 
  • Chapter 12 Settlor Exclusion Clause and Default Clause 
  • Chapter 13 Discretionary Trusts 
  • Chapter 14 Interest in Possession Trusts 
  • Chapter 15 Administrative Provisions 
  • Chapter 16 Will Trusts 
  • Chapter 17 Charitable Trusts 
  • Chapter 18 Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts 
  • Chapter 19 Proper Law, Place of Administration and
  • Jurisdiction Clauses 
  • Chapter 20 Restricting Rights of Benefi ciaries 
  • Chapter 21 Execution of Wills and Trusts Instruments 
  • Chapter 22 Appointment and Retirement of Trustees 
  • Chapter 23 Indemnities for Executors and Trustees 
  • Chapter 24 Foundations 
  • Precedents
  • Discretionary Trust 
  • Interest in Possession Trust for Adult Beneficiary 
  • Precedents for Administrative Provisions 
  • Charitable Trust 
  • Administrative Provisions for a Charitable Trust 
  • Precedents for Supplemental Documents 
  • Discretionary Will Trust of Movable Property for non-Jersey/Guernsey Domiciled Testator 
  • Foundation Charter (Jersey) 
  • Foundations Regulations (Jersey) 
  • Appendix 1 Annotated Bibliography 
  • Appendix 2 Select Websites

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