Effective Written Advocacy

Effective Written Advocacy

By The Honourable Thomas Cromwell


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Date: 03/01/2008

Code: 9780888044686

Carswell, Canada


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Compiled by The Honourable Justice Thomas A. Cromwell With contributions by: The Honourable Justice Marshall Rothstein, The Honourable John I. Laskin, The Honourable Justice Stephen Goudge, The Honourable Justice Thomas A. Cromwell, The Honourable Justice Paul Perell, Gregory J. Fitch, Q.C., John B. Laskin, David Stratas, Benjamin Zarnett, Stephen Armstrong Effective Written Advocacy brings together the wisdom of Canada's top practitioners, writing experts and judges to guide you on how to write powerfully and persuasively for your audience. Practical tips and illustrations are included. Commentary and annotations identify problems and provide solutions to make your written arguments clear and persuasive. With this book you will learn:

  • Tips to improve the strength of your legal writing
  • How to take your writing from factual to persuasive
  • What works and what doesn't from a judge's perspective
  • How to anticipate and address the court's concerns in your writing
  • How to design your written submissions so the judge can tell, at a glance, how you plan to argue your case and what law applies
  • How to structure your writing to be as persuasive as possible 

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