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Date: 30/04/2020

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Due to the great development of the property market in the United Arab Emirates in general, and the Emirate of Dubai in particular, legislations, laws and decrees have been generated to regulate and register property contracts, mortgages, engineering consultancies services, and possession of land for non-citizens or collateral accounts.


These laws and regulations are aimed at systematising different relationships and interests between developers and investors, whether they are companies or individuals in order to ensure the rights of all.


As legal counsellors for large offices of the State and their defence in many important property cases the authors observed a great shortage in legal literature regarding property laws and regulations. The need for information, referring to a law or a decree, beside a past judgment, was not easily accessible and not able to be found in a timely and efficient manner.

Thus, the Encyclopaedia of Dubai Property Laws, Decrees and Legislation was devised, to fill the need for a comprehensive reference work for property laws and decrees issued by His Highness the Ruler of Dubai and His Crown Prince.

The laws and decrees have been approached in detail. They were taken from real judgments of the Court of Cassation, comparative jurisprudence of the laws of Arab countries that have a great history in laws such as Egyptian, Lebanese and Kuwaiti Laws. The numbers of articles matching the property laws of Dubai through comparative jurisprudence are stated.


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