Essays on Law & Government Volume 1 - PDF

Essays on Law & Government Volume 1 - PDF


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Date: 01/01/1995

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Part of the Finn Essay Series available in PDF. This collections of essays has as its principle focus the Australian system of government. Recently, but not for the first time in our history, there has been some shift in the law’s characterisation both of that system and its informing principles, and of the rights and obligations of Australians as members of our polity. An object of this series is to contribute to an understanding of our law and its place and role in regulating government in this country.
This volume is designed to be general in character. Its concern is with principles and values which do—or should—inform both our law and our system of government. Its purpose is to provide a broad context for the volumes to follow. They will have a far greater focus on legal doctrine and in areas as diverse as criminal procedure, administrative law, claims against the government, human rights and the place of international law in domestic law.
As with its predecessor series, this collection of essays is the product of a small seminar held at the Australian National University in August 1994.

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