Essays on Law & Government Volume 2 - PDF

Essays on Law & Government Volume 2 - PDF


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Date: 01/02/1996

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Part of the Finn Essay Series available in PDF. This, the second volume of this series of essays in law and government, moves to a more particular theme. It is that of the citizen-state relationship as that relationship is worked out in our courts. For this reason the volume does not limit itself to any one particular body of legal doctrine which regulates that relationship. Rather, it ranges widely across different bodies of law. Its object in this is to reveal more fully than would otherwise be the case, the manner in which the courts (with or without statutory impetus) mediate between the citizen and the state and the techniques and values relied upon in that process.

As with its predecessor, this collection of essays is the product of a small seminar held at the Australian National University in August 1995.

Table of Contents

Volume 2 – The Citizen and the State in the Courts

  1. The Citizen and the State in the Courts
    Enid Campbell
  2. Claims Against the Government Legislation
    Paul Finn
  3. Tort and Equity Claims Against the State
    Margaret Allars
  4. Money Claims By and Against the State
    Keith Mason, QC
  5. Constitutionally Protected Individual Rights
    Leslie Zines
  6. Criminal Procedure and the Fair Trial Principle
    Mark Weinberg, QC
  7. Procedural Fairness
    John Griffiths
  8. Principles of Statutory Interpretation Relating to Government
    Susan Kenny
  9. Public Interest Privileges and Immunities
    The Hon Mr Justice T M Gault
  10. Standing and the State
    The Hon Justice K E Lindgren
  11. Reflections
    Sir Anthony Mason

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