Exploration of Fairness: Interdisciplinary Inquires in Law

Exploration of Fairness: Interdisciplinary Inquires in Law


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Date: 28/02/2013

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An Exploration of Fairness examines a concept that is simultaneously simple and extraordinarily complex – fairness. Simple in that we often intuitively understand situations to be fair or unfair. Complex, in that the notion of fairness is very much grounded in where we are situated, including race, gender, class, economic status, country, and life experience. There is considerable scholarship on the concept of fairness, but this volume is unique in the broad range of research disciplines that have come together to examine in depth what is meant by fairness, how it can be achieved, measured, shared. From its application in law, economics and business to how it can be interpreted in cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology and kinesiology, it integrates the visual and performing arts as essential features of fairness. Through this interdisciplinary lens, the ethical and normative dimensions of fairness are understood, drawing on its historical and philosophical origins and its role in citizenship and political obligation. Each discipline, each chapter, informs the others, to deepen our understanding of fairness. - See more at: http://www.carswell.com/product-detail/an-exploration-of-fairness-interdisciplinary-inquires-in-law-science-and-the-humanities/#sthash.QI9edzmI.dpuf

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