Global Issues in Contract Law Spanogle Malloy Del Duca et al

Global Issues in Contract Law Spanogle Malloy Del Duca et al

By John A Spanogle Jr, Keith Rowley, Michael Malloy, Louis DelDuca, Andrea Bjorklund


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Date: 13/12/2006

Code: 9780314167552

West Group, USA


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The Global Issues Series from the USA presents books containing materials designed to facilitate the introduction of international, transnational and comparative law issues into law school courses. The series aims to familiarise students with the growing potential for transnational legal transactions and disputes so they can function in an era of increasing globalisation.

Global Issues in Contract Law contains carefully drafted problem and note materials to keep the book self-contained and covers the status and scope of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), contract formation issues, formal requirements, ambiguity of contract terms, parol evidence under domestic law and under the CISG, "battle of the forms", irrevocable offers, performance and breach, and comparative and CISG approaches to remedies

Introduction: Contracts in a Globalized Economy. Status and Scope of the CISG.
Contract Formation: Introduction. Formal Requirements and Contract Formation. Ambiguity of Terms, the Parol Evidence Rule, and CISG Article. The "Battle of the Forms": UCC ss 2–207 and CISG Article 19. Irrevocable Offers: UCC ss 2–205 and CISG Article 16(2).
Performance and Breach: The Moral Basis of Contract Obligation and Efficient Breach. Civil Law Approaches to Performance. Performance and Breach Under the CISG.
Remedies: Introduction to CISG Remedies. Agreed Remedies. Specific Performance. Avoidance and Fundamental Breach. Damages. Mitigation of Damages—A Comparative View.

Jurisdiction: International

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