Indictable Offences in Queensland

Indictable Offences in Queensland

By Judge Brendan Butler, Saul Holt KC


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Date: 27/10/2017

Code: 9780455500645

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Indictable Offences in Queensland provides barristers, solicitors and judges with clear, concise guidance on the law governing serious crime in Queensland. 

This portable volume is designed to help users quickly find the most appropriate access to the content they need. It might be through the consistently structured annotations to the Criminal Code and other key legislation relating to topics such as drugs, bail and sentencing. Alternatively, it could be through the Thematic Overview which takes practitioners sequentially through a matter, with cross-references to Code provisions and includes commentary which does not logically sit within the Code and could therefore be more difficult to grasp with reference to the annotated legislation alone.

Current to 1 October 2017, this current and accessible treatment of Queensland criminal law is written by expert barristers working in conjunction with General Editors Judge Brendan Butler and Saul Holt QC. A powerful combination of substantive expertise and practical understanding of the law in operation, Indictable Offences in Queensland will appeal to practitioners of all levels of expertise as well as students.

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