International Finance: Law and Regulation: Law and Regulation 3rd Edition

International Finance: Law and Regulation: Law and Regulation 3rd Edition


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Date: 25/09/2012

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This essential reference work provides you with a detailed overview of the law and regulation of international finance, including banking, securities, derivatives and foreign exchange. The book provides an overview of the key international finance centres, with in-depth commentary analysis of the global and Euro financial crises. It covers regulatory developments since the economic crisis of 2008, helping you to stay on top of the regulatory changes and it also considers the impact of rapidly emerging economies such as China.

  • Provides an authoritative introduction to international finance, transactions, policy, and regulations
  • Looks in detail at the continuing evolution of banking and capital marrket regulation in the major markets
  • Divided into 5 clear sections for ease of reference:
    • The international aspects of major domestic markets
    • Infrastructure for financial markets
    • Instruments and offshore markets
    • Emerging markets
    • The fighting of terrorism
  • Introduces you to financial concepts and transactions and goes on to deal with the complexities of international finance, approaching the topic from the perspective of government policy and regulation
  • Covers the impact of international finance events such as the collapse of Enron and Lehman Brothers


  • Includes a new chapter on Chinese Financial Markets, giving you a detailed overview of the Chinese system with consideration of foreign exchange and capital controls; domestic banking regulation; securities markets and emerging issues
  • Brings you extensive coverage of the global financial crisis in 2008, looking at the regulatory and legislative reforms that have followed in its wake, for example, Dodd-Frank
  • Considers the issues surrounding the Eurozone and Greek debt crisis and the Irish debt crisis
  • Discusses systemic risk for hedge funds
  • Looks at the Basel II Revisions and the Basel III Accord and considers market discipline alternatives

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