International Fraud and Asset Tracing 3rd edition Book+eBook

International Fraud and Asset Tracing 3rd edition Book+eBook


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Date: 18/12/2014

Code: 9780414038370

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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 The new 3rd of International Fraud and Asset Tracing – Jurisdictional Comparisons is the essential reference guide for international corporations and their legal advisors. Covering 20 major jurisdictions worldwide it offers a clear overview of laws and procedures relating to fraud in each one, and is structured to allow easy comparisons between jurisdictions.

• Covers the law in 20 key jurisdictions

• Includes contributions from leading local practitioners who are experts in the field

• Uses a reader-friendly Q&A format that enables quick and easy cross jurisdictional comparisons

• Offers a well organised starting point for reference

• Answers the key questions of multinational corporations and international investors

• Helps in-house lawyers decide whether or not there has been corrupt conduct by a foreign subsidiary, or whether an internal investigation should be launched

• Covers topics such as managing the internal investigation; disclosure from third parties; steps to preserve assets/documents; and civil proceedings

• Provides straightforward, practical commentary on each jurisdiction and the respective legal systems


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