Intl Agency  Distr & Licensing Agreement 6 Ed

Intl Agency Distr & Licensing Agreement 6 Ed

By Richard Christou


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Date: 25/11/2011

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"One of the best books of precedents in this area and it is highly recommended" – Trading Law and Trading law Reports
This popular work offers practical guidance on the negotiation and drafting of international agency, distribution and manufacturing agreements. It provides expertly drafted precedents, supported by general and clause-by-clause commentary on the legal and commercial aspects of their drafting and application.
  • Provides all the most commonly used precedents on agency, distribution and licensing agreements in a single source
  • Offers precedents interspersed with concise commentary covering drafting issues, legal background and implications of relevant cases
  • Includes definitions to ensure the exact meanings of words and phrases are clear
  • Contains practical guidelines for choosing between agents, distributors and licensees
  • Includes specimen questionnaires which can be sent to local lawyers
  • Takes account of all recent case law and the new block exemptions for distribution agreements and IP licences in force from 2010
  • Deals with the impact of the Technology Transfer Block Exemption 2004
  • Includes a CD containing the precedents
  • Covers agreements for both EU and non-EU territories, including Australia, Brazil, Dubai, India, Japan, Russia and the USA.
New for this edition:
  • A chapter covering agency and distribution law in China
  • Coverage of the new EU Block Exemptions on Vertical Restraints
  • Changes made by the Lisbon Treaty
  • Revised to reflect the new EU framework on vertical restraints (Regulation 330/2010/EU and accompanying redrafted Commission Guidelines), and a new section on internet law
  • Incorporates major changes to the framework for motor vehicle and spare parts distribution as a result of the implementation of Regulation 461/2010/EU
  • Revised to incorporate developments in bribery law, with specific reference to the Bribery Act 2010
  • Updated to reflect changes on governing law issues made by the EU’s Rome I and Rome II Regulations
  • Inclusion of new case law on issues raised by the proposed drafting
  • Extensive coverage of recent changes in case law and legislation
Definitions and Interpretations. Agency Agreements Outside the EC. Agency Agreements Inside the EC. Distribution Agreements Outside the EC. Distribution Agreements Inside the EC. Selective Distribution for Technical and Luxury Products. Manufacturing Agreements Outside the EC. Manufacturing Agreements Inside the EC. Consultancy Agreements. Escrow Agreements. Software Distribution Licences. Trade Mark Licences. France. Germany. Russia. USA. Brazil. Australia. Japan. India. UAE. China. Choosing between Agents, Distributors and Licensees – practical guidelines. Appendices.

Jurisdiction: International

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