Investigating Crime - PDF

Investigating Crime - PDF


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Date: 22/02/1997

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Investigating crime: a guide to the powers of agencies involved in the investigation of crime is a unique title, originally published 1996. It is a most useful reference to all those involved in investigation: law enforcement, government and non-government agencies etc.

Now this title is available as a high quality PDF.

The investigation of crime can be said to commence at the beginning at the arousal of suspicion and ending at the obtaining of prima facie proof. The processes between those points have become much more comprehensive and complex, for legislative intervention has been extensive and these processes are no longer restricted primarily to execution by police services. Furthermore, they can no longer be examined in isolation from the reception in court of evidence obtained during those processes. Many have a prospective effect. For example, the manner in which some processes are executed can determine the admissibility of the evidence obtained. Therefore this book goes beyond these procedural processes.

Consequently, in addition to discussing those powers to gather evidence possessed by police services and other investigative agencies, the book deals with the powers of courts to exclude evidence improperly and unfairly obtained and the granting of immunities from prosecution as well as entry, search, seizure, interrogation, arrest and rights available to persons detained.

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