Law of Contempt in Canada 3rd Edition

Law of Contempt in Canada 3rd Edition


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Date: 23/06/2023

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Now in its twenty-sixth year of publication, Jeffrey Miller’s The Law of Contempt in Canada remains the only treatise of its kind, and thereby the leading authority on this increasingly important area of law. This third edition, completely revised and updated, includes new subsections treating implied contempt, contempt, and the vexatious litigant, leave to commence a contempt proceeding, family law orders, and in the sentencing context, failure of counsel to appear in court, real property matters, breach of sealing and nonpublication orders, breach of a remediation order, breach of no-contact (safeguard) orders, as well as repeat contemnors and the step principle (laddering, jump principle). The book opens with an expanded overview of the area (a particularly popular chapter), and for the first time, includes an appendix providing some French-Canadian equivalents to English contempt-law terminology. The volume continues to be the only comprehensive, focused, and highly detailed survey of its venerable and complex subject-matter.

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