Law of Contract in Canada 6th

Law of Contract in Canada 6th

By Gerald Fridman


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Date: 30/08/2011

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Carswell, Canada


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The previous editions of The Law of Contract have been cited or quoted by judges in more than 100 decisions. Even more such citations and quotations have taken place since the publication of the 5th edition. The sixth edition of this classic work continues to organize and rationalize legal research to save you time and your clients money.

Revised and updated since its previous publication in 2006. The Law of Contract in Canada, 6th Edition, retains all the fundamental concepts of contract law while incorporating new information, including commentary on recent changes wrought by judicial decision-makers. In particular the discussion of fundamental and innominate terms, performance, breach of contract, frustration, assignment and damages has been revised and new chapters written on conditions precedent and exclusion terms.

The 6th edition contains all the most current developments in Canadian contract law such as good faith in contracting and performance damages for mental distress; tenders; certain aspects of consideration; part performance; aspects of mistake; invalidity; contingency fees; severance; repentance of illegality; interpretation of express terms; implied terms.

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