Law of Trusts in Canada 5th

Law of Trusts in Canada 5th

By Donovan W M Waters, Mark Gillen, Lionel Smith


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Date: 13/05/2021

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Carswell, Canada


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The new 4th edition is both comprehensive and up to date. The book examines all facets of the law of trusts in every jurisdiction of Canada, including the nature of trusts under common law and civil law, and some international jurisdictions such as the United States, where Canadian trust law is increasingly relevant in estate planning. You will gain insight into the creation and administration of express trusts; trust termination; conflict of laws, including the Hague Convention on the Recognition of Trusts; the variety of uses to which the trust is applied; and the law concerning remedial trusts (for example, resulting and constructive trusts), especially in matrimonial law.

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