Lewin on Trusts 20th Edition, 1st Supplement only

Lewin on Trusts 20th Edition, 1st Supplement only

By Lynton Tucker, Nicholas Le Poidevin, James Brightwell


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Date: 30/12/2023

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Frequently cited in court, Lewin on Trusts covers the entire law of trusts from general principles to current practice, ensuring you have all the information you need on the effective creation of trusts and the resolution of disputes and other problems that arise.
Covers all aspects of trusts law, from creation of trusts and the role and duties of trustees, to beneficiaries and their interests and administration.
Includes in-depth analysis of both general principles and the practical implications of trust law
  • Provides clear guidance on questions that arise in modern trusts practice
  • Analyses major decisions and applies them to the principles of the law and the practice and procedure they affect
  • Explores the impact of the latest case law
  • Explains breach of trust and available remedies
  • Deals with constructive trusts and asset tracing
  • Covers anti-money-laundering legislation in relation to trusts
  • Refers to Commonwealth decisions, suggesting solutions lacking in UK case law
  • Covers costs issues in trusts disputes
The new edition has been extensively re-organised and re-written to take account of decisions not only in England but also in the old Commonwealth and all the main offshore jurisdictions. There is a full coverage of many new topics, in particular a comprehensive treatment of trusts and divorce.
Other additions include:
The impact of the new data protection legislation (GDPR and the 2018 Act) on trustees
Mediation and other forms of ADR for trust disputes
Unexplained wealth orders
FATCA, CRS and registers of beneficial ownership

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