Maps of World Financial Law 6th Edition

Maps of World Financial Law 6th Edition

By Philip Wood


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Date: 22/01/2008

Code: 9781847033420

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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The perfect complement to The Law and Practice of International Finance Series, this book explains financial law in the world’s jurisdictions by using maps and charts on key subjects. Using colour to grade or rate the approach of the world’s jurisdictions to particular topics, this book provides a unique and revolutionary method of distilling world financial law in a striking way, enabling practitioners to clearly see which jurisdictions have commonality and allows for easy analysis of information.

• Preface
• Lists of map and charts
• Introduction
• Role of financial law
• Key map of jurisdictions
• Legal families of the world’s jurisdiction
• American common law jurisdictions
• English common law jurisdictions
• Napoleonic jurisdictions
• Roman-Germanic jurisdictions
• Mixed civil/common law jurisdictions
• Islamic jurisdictions
• New jurisdictions
• Unallocated jurisdictions
• Five key indicators of financial law
• Other indicators of financial law
• Insolvency set-off and netting
• Free transferability of contracts and publicity
• Security Interests
• Trusts in financial law
• Insolvency: corporate insolvency rescue laws
• Insolvency: avoidance or preferences
• State insolvency
• Regulation of international finance
• International consensus in other areas of law
• Harmonization of financial law

Jurisdiction: International

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