Navigating the Legal Ethics of Social Media

Navigating the Legal Ethics of Social Media


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Date: 26/06/2014

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Navigating the Legal Ethics of Social Media and Technology addresses the fact that social media has become part of the modern practice and using cutting-edge technology is an indispensable part of being a lawyer. However, the ethics rules are struggling to keep up. Furthermore, over the past several years there have been interesting opinions, important rule changes, and other advancements that all lawyers need to understand. In this critical guide, nationally recognized CLE speaker Stuart Teicher, Esq. reveals the ethical and professional developments in an area of law he's coined, “Technethics.”

Stuart explains how lawyers' fundamental duties have been forever altered by social media and other new technology. He also helps navigate the details of some technical rules that address advertising, solicitation (and more), and explains the ethical concerns for lawyers who use the cloud. He reveals the pitfalls associated with other new and important platforms and provides lawyers with direction to avoid getting into ethical trouble. Stuart even looks into the future and suggests evolving ethical standards that will help guide lawyers' conduct as technology evolves.

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