Nutshell Federal Constitutional Law 3e ebook

Nutshell Federal Constitutional Law 3e ebook

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Date: 31/03/2020

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The third edition of Federal Constitutional Law contains an additional new chapter, which focusses on how law students might

  • use and apply their knowledge of constitutional law to the resolution of constitutional law problems;
  • go about crafting legal arguments using constitutional law rules and principles;
  • engage their understanding of the adversarial context of constitutional disputes to make reasoned choices about the application of constitutional law rules and principles to the resolution of constitutional law problems; and
  • prepare effectively for problem-based examinations in constitutional law.

The material which appears in the new chapter 9 is a summation of advice which has been given in my seminars and tutorials to many cohorts of constitutional law students to assist in revision and preparation for the inevitable assessment tasks which are the lot of university students. Whilst there are some particular matters which are peculiar to constitutional and/or public law contexts, students in constitutional law will be required to continue developing their critical thinking, legal analytical and synthesis skills more generally when studying constitutional law as a compulsory subject at law school.  It is to these issues which chapter 9 is directed.


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