Paramedic Law & Regulation in Australia 1st edition

Paramedic Law & Regulation in Australia 1st edition


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Date: 09/07/2019

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With paramedics being newly registered on a national level, Paramedic Law and Regulation in Australia is a timely addition to the paramedic law and ethics field of knowledge. It provides a fresh approach to understanding and addressing legal and ethical issues in paramedicine and is unique in applying important legal principles to paramedicine, using practical and realistic problem-based scenarios. The contributing authors are lawyers, paramedics and academics who draw upon their expert knowledge to introduce complex legal concepts in a straightforward manner. By introducing law and ethics, considering registration obligations and exploring specific areas of law including confidentiality and negligence, the authors methodically examine the law in all Australian jurisdictions.

This text is essential for anyone looking to understand paramedicine from either a paramedic or a legal perspective. Whether you are an undergraduate student, postgraduate student, researcher, practising paramedic or in public or private practice, you will find Paramedic Law and Regulation in Australia to be an important and useful resource.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Paramedics and society
Chapter 2: Practical ethics for paramedicine
Chapter 3: Australia’s system of law and government
Chapter 4: Finding law
Chapter 5: Reading and interpreting law
Chapter 6: Professions and professionalism
Chapter 7: National paramedic regulation
Chapter 8: Complaints, notifications and discipline
Chapter 9: Patient consent and refusal of paramedic services
Chapter 10: Mental health law
Chapter 11: Children
Chapter 12: Privacy and confidentiality
Chapter 13: Death, decisions and the coronial system
Chapter 14: Medical negligence
Chapter 15: The United Kingdom – an international comparison
Chapter 16: Practising paramedic law


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