Pilkington on Creditor Schemes of Arrangement and Restructuring Plans 3rd Edition

Pilkington on Creditor Schemes of Arrangement and Restructuring Plans 3rd Edition

By Christian Pilkington


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Date: 26/09/2022

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Pilkington on Creditor Schemes of Arrangement and Restructuring Plans provides in-depth guidance on the legal principles, formal procedures and practical issues which underpin the use of schemes of arrangements and the new ‘restructuring plan’ option as used in complex financial restructurings. The expert author team at White & Case, under Christian Pilkington, cover the subject in full, taking in its development and the fundamental principles of its use as a restructuring tool, alongside key subjects such as jurisdiction, class composition issues and foreign recognition. Practical in its focus, the book provides not only diagrams and flowcharts which summarise complex processes but also case studies to illustrate different types of schemes of arrangement and explain some of the most high-profile international restructurings of recent years.
Schemes have become instrumental in the restructuring of UK and overseas-incorporated companies, and can still be recognised in different European jurisdictions even after Brexit. This combined with the new restructuring plan that builds on the scheme idea (and was introduced by CIGA 2020) make Pilkington an essential text for your insolvency library. 
The 3rd edition:
  • Explains the different types of restructuring schemes available and how they interact with the new restructuring plan introduced by CIGA 2020
  • Features extensive analysis, precedent material and detailed case studies of schemes in operation
  • Deals with the complex cross-border and jurisdictional issues facing practitioners
  • Includes analysis of all key cases since the last edition and evaluates recent trends in scheme jurisprudence
  • Considers the post-Brexit use of schemes in international restructurings
  • Provides a comparative analysis with similar “cram-down” procedures in other jurisdictions
New to the 3rd edition:
  • New content on restructuring plans, and how existing caselaw on schemes can be adapted and used in plans, plus analysis of the most important restructuring plans applied to date
  • Analysis of the recent decisions including the first restructuring plans
  • New case studies, and a review of the availability of schemes and plans after Brexit
  • Considers all the key cases since the last edition, including (but not limited to):
    • Re Noble Group [2018] EWHC 2911
    • Re DTEK Energy BV [2021] EWHC 1551 (Ch)
    • Re ALL Scheme Ltd [2021] EWHC 1401 (Ch)
    • Re Provident SPV Ltd [2021] EWHC 2217 (Ch)
The new and expanded 3rd edition of Schemes of Arrangement in Corporate Restructuring is an in-depth and practical text, meaning the answers you require are easily found and applied to your everyday tasks. The expertise of the authors ensures that even the most complex aspects of the subject are confidently navigated. It is the indispensable guide to any question of corporate restructuring.

Table of Contents

Contents Include:

  • History and Development of Schemes
  • Advantages and Types of Schemes
  • Fundamental Principles, Key Considerations and Process
  • Jurisdiction
  • Class Issues
  • Scheme Creditor Meetings
  • Bondholder Voting Issues
  • The Sanction Hearing and Valuation Issues
  • Third Party Releases
  • Recognition Issues
  • Issues Specific to Listed Companies
  • Tax Considerations
  • Schemes Involving Distributions of Securities
    Annex 1 “Centre of Main Interests” and Related Issues
    Annex 2 Transfer Scheme Case Study 1: Wind Hellas
    Annex 3 Transfer Scheme Case Study 2: IMO Car Wash 
    Annex 4 Cram Down Case Study 1: Primacom
    Annex 5 Cram Down Case Study 2: La Seda de Barcelona
    Annex 6 Jurisdiction Case Study 1: APCOA
    Annex 7 Jurisdiction Case Study 2: Codere
    Annex 8 Toggle Scheme Case Study: New World Resources
    Annex 9 Schemes of Arrangement: International Comparisons

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