Practical Legal Ethics 1st Edition ebook

Practical Legal Ethics 1st Edition ebook

By Kim Bailey

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Date: 15/12/2021

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A practical reference guide for students and practitioners on the core ethical and professional responsibility duties. Each explained with most recent supporting case law and legislative provisions. 

With 75% of the Australian legal profession coming under the Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules and Australian Legal Profession Uniform Legislation, this text has wide student and professional relevance. 

Case boxes of important judgments (summary of facts and the decision held) and a mind map is included in each chapter.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The regulatory framework

Chapter 2. Admission to legal practice

Chapter 3. The nature of the retainer

Chapter 4. The duty of loyalty and to avoid conflict

Chapter 5. The duty of confidentiality and privilege

Chapter 6. The duty to account 1.: costs and the retainer

Chapter 7. The duty to account 2: holding the money on trust

Chapter 8. The duty to the court 1

Chapter 9. The duty to the court 2

Chapter 10. Fidelity to the law and the administration of justice

Chapter 11. Duty to other lawyers and third parties

Chapter 12. Complaints and discipline

Chapter 13. Access to justice


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