Principles of Employment Law 5e book+eBook

Principles of Employment Law 5e book+eBook

By Jennifer Nielsen


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Date: 15/08/2018

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Principles of Employment Law, 5th Edition opens the world of work regulation to students and practitioners by offering astute explanations of key topics.  Traversing issues such as identification employment relationships, the position of contractors and casual employees, duties of employment, enterprise agreements and awards, unfair dismissal and discrimination, the latest edition is the last word on work and law.

This edition adds to analysis of key statutory regimes fresh insights on workplace safety, the current approach to unfair dismissal, the provisions on adverse action, and bullying. New coverage also includes employee mental health disclosure and obligations in their use of social media outside of work.

One of the leading texts in the field, Principles of Employment Law is a seasoned, up-to-date and timely exposition of the rules of work and their contexts in policy and politics.

Table of Contents


1. Employment in History

2. Fairness in Deciding the Terms of Employment

3. Vicarious Liability and Tests of Employment

4. Contractors and Casual Employees

5. Workplace Safety


6. Contracts of Employment: Elements and Claims

7. Terms of Employment Contracts

8. Duties of Employees

9. Fidelity, Trust and Confidence

10. Duties of Employers


11. Standards and Modern Awards

12. Federal Enterprise Agreements

13. Notice and Termination Issues

14. Protecting Employment: Unfair and Unlawful Dismissal

15. International Standards


16. Discrimination in the Workplace

17. Grounds of Discrimination and Liability



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