Principles of Equity 2nd Edition - PDF

Principles of Equity 2nd Edition - PDF

By Patrick Parkinson


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Date: 01/05/2003

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The Principles of Equity is a compilation of essays from 20 authors, each an authority in their area, and edited by Patrick Parkinson. It presents the principles of equity in a clear, comprehensive and contemporary manner, for the use of both practitioners and students. Where appropriate, equitable principles have been considered together with statutory rules that cover much the same field of application.

Out of print since 2007, the title is now available as a high quality PDF.

Table of Contents

Part I The History and Nature of Equity
CHAPTER 1 The Historical Role of the Equitable Jurisdiction
CHAPTER 2 The Conscience of Equity
CHAPTER 3 Equity and Property
CHAPTER 4 Equity and Restitution

Part II Unfair Dealing
CHAPTER 5 Unconscientious Dealing
CHAPTER 6 Misrepresentation
CHAPTER 7 Estoppel
CHAPTER 8 Relief Against Penalties
CHAPTER 9 Relief Against Forfeiture

Part III Obligations of Trust and Confidence
CHAPTER 10 Fiduciary Obligations
CHAPTER 11 Undue Influence
CHAPTER 12 Breach of Confidence

Part IV Assurances and Assignments
CHAPTER 13 Equitable Assignments
CHAPTER 14 Contribution
CHAPTER 15 Subrogation
CHAPTER 16 Marshalling

Part V Remedies
CHAPTER 17 Specific Performance
CHAPTER 18 Injunctions
CHAPTER 19 Anton Piller Orders
CHAPTER 20 Mareva Orders
CHAPTER 21 Constructive Trusts
CHAPTER 22 Equitable Compensation
CHAPTER 23 Tracing
CHAPTER 24 Declarations
CHAPTER 25 Rescission
CHAPTER 26 Taking AccountS
CHAPTER 27 Rectification
CHAPTER 28 Delivery Up and Cancellation

Part VI Defences and Set-Off
CHAPTER 29 Equitable Defences
CHAPTER 30 Set-Off

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