Products Liability Fifth Edition

Products Liability Fifth Edition

By Stephen Waddams


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Date: 22/09/2012

Code: 9780779834846

Carswell, Canada


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Products liability raises legal questions of great theoretical and of growing practical importance, especially in view of the legislation in several provinces facilitating class proceedings. The subject cuts across several legal categories, involving concepts of negligence, strict liability, warranty and public policy. This book by renowned legal scholar Stephen M. Waddams, examines these concepts and their practical application in their historical context, considers their development in other jurisdictions, and sets out the current state of Canadian law.

This new edition of a very well-recognized book addresses developments in relation to class actions, punitive damages, restitutionary damages, causation, and economic loss. Products Liability, Fifth Edition will be useful for academics and indispensable for practitioners in the field.

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