Pupillage Inside Out

Pupillage Inside Out

By Dr Daniel Sokol, Isabel McArdle


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Date: 24/05/2013

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Every aspiring barrister must undertake pupillage in order to gain tenancy at a barrister set. Not all pupils are successful.
The life of a barrister in England and Wales is cloaked in tradition – from the Inns of Court, to the wigs and gowns, to the clerks and the cab-rank system. There are rules and conventions governing every aspect, and for every modern set keen to dispel the mystery, there is another yet shrouded in it.
Based on the authors’ own recent experience and the wisdom of their peers, clerks, and supervisors, this is the ultimate guide to pupillage, demystifying the process and providing practical advice to all aspiring barristers navigating this crucial stage in the path to practice.
The book covers such topics as what to wear, relationships with other pupils, social events and how to behave, to finances and what to expect at the end of pupillage.
Pupillage Inside Out is the essential guide for all those embarking on this crucial step in the path to becoming a barrister.

Table of Contents

1.Foreword – by Lady Justice Arden
3.The application process: which Chambers?
4.The pupillage application form 
5.The pupillage interview 
6.Dealing with rejections
7.Accepting offers
8.The first day
10.Chambers’ tea and other social events
11.What to wear
13.Relationship with pupil supervisor
14.Relationship with other pupils
15.Relationship with mini pupils 
16.Relationship with other members of Chambers 
17.Relationship with clerks
18.Relationship with solicitors 
19.Inappropriate conduct
20.Compulsory courses at the Inn
21.Written work
22.On your feet
23.Making mistakes
24.Doing other work 
25.Calling yourself a barrister 
26.Life outside Chambers 
27.Feeling down 
28.Pupillage checklist, forms and administrative matters
30.Ethical issues 
31.The tenancy decision
32.Taken on
33.Not taken on
34.The post-tenancy decision period
35.The search for a Third Six or tenancy

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