Royal Commissions & Boards of Enquiry - PDF

Royal Commissions & Boards of Enquiry - PDF

By Leonard Hallett


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Date: 01/07/1982

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"Royal Commissions and Boards of Inquiry are well known and established organs of government. Nevertheless, there is in general little known of their legal status in government and the rules (or lack of them) which regulates them" (From the Preface).
Royal Commissions & Boards of Enquiry is a foremost attempt to fill this gap, by evaluating the legal status, the powers and the procedures of Royal Commissions and Boards of Inquiry. Whilst the study is centred on the State of Victoria, by bringing together as much information as possible, it is hoped that this book will be of assistance to any person involved in inquiries by these bodies in other jurisdictions.
First Published in 1982, as part of Monash Studies in Law Series, the text was one of the first works to systematically discuss the legal foundations and connected issues with Boards of Inquiry. Out of print for many years the text is once again available as a quality PDF.
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