Securities Law 2nd edition

Securities Law 2nd edition

By Alastair Hudson


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Date: 22/11/2013

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Securities Law is a comprehensive treatment of securities regulation, providing you with an in-depth guide to explain how everything works and fits together. Including a full account of the new UK regulatory structure as it applies to securities law, the book also gives you a detailed explanation of the changes at EU level and their impact on securities regulation.

The new 2nd edition:

  • Includes coverage of UK and EU regulation of securities
  • Analyses the impact of the Financial Services Act 2012 on securities law in the UK, and the effect of the Larasiere Report on securities regulation across the EU
  • Covers the full range of securities issues, including shares, bonds and securitised derivatives
  • Discusses the liability of those responsible for the preparation of prospectuses for losses suffered by investors under private law and statute
  • Explains the criminal law on insider dealing, fraud under the Fraud Act 2006, general offences under FSMA 2000, and the regulation of market abuse more generally
  • Analyses the implication of MiFID, Prospectus Directive, Transparency Obligations Directive, and most recent version of the FCA Handbook
  • Explores the regulation of the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
  • Advises on the securities law implication arising from takeovers
  • Includes guidance on the allotment of shares and other company issues
  • Explains the application of corporate governance norms to securities regulation

Table of Contents

  • Overview of securities law
  • Sources of securities law
  • EU securities regulation
  • UK financial services regulation
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial promotion
  • Prospectuses
  • Transparency obligations
  • The Listing Principles
  • Admission to listing
  • Maintenance of listing
  • Discontinuance of listing
  • The Alternative Investment Market
  • Takeovers
  • Private law liability in the issue of securities
  • Criminal law liability in the issue of securities
  • Allotment of shares and related company law issues

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