Sinha's Jurisprudence (Legal Philosophy) Nutshell

Sinha's Jurisprudence (Legal Philosophy) Nutshell

By Surya Prakash Sinha


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Date: 15/11/1993

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The West Nutshell Series provide invaluable guidance to students and serves as a handy reminder to experienced practitioners.

Each West Nutshell provides a short summation of the law in the given subject. The books highlight key cases and statutes, and are written by experts in the field.

• Mini text books providing an overview of a wide range of subjects.
• All titles written by outstanding authorities and recognised experts.
• Enhances understanding of the basic principles.
• Time saving study guides.
• Enables students to answer exam questions quickly and accurately.
• A compact format for convenient reference.

This Nutshell examines the central questions about the nature of law:

• What is law?
• How is it defined?
• What are the essential aspects?

Divided into three sections, this authoritative text investigates the various theories of law – metaphysical-rational epistemology, idealistic epistemology, and empiricist epistemology.

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