Staples Tax Guide 2022 book-82st edition

Staples Tax Guide 2022 book-82st edition

By Lin Mei Tan


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Date: 02/05/2022

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Staples Tax Guide 2022 provides you with the latest legislation and case law for the income tax year ending 31 March 2022.

Now in its 82nd annual edition, Staples Tax Guide is the essential reference on New Zealand income tax and GST issues. It contains in-depth commentary on legislation, Inland Revenue policy, compliance procedures and judicial decisions.


Comprehensive summary of recent and future developments in tax;

Coverage of all aspects of tax, using a unique A-Z format for unrivalled simplicity;

Commentary on farming, forestry, fishing, property and land;

Depreciation rates;

Examples, flowcharts and relevant references to leading tax cases;

Income Tax Act comparative table (Income Tax Act 2004 and Income Tax Act 2007);

A tax calendar for the current tax year;

Comprehensive, easy-to-use cross-referencing between tax legislation and commentary.


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