Statutory Interpretation - PDF

Statutory Interpretation - PDF

By Donald Gifford


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Date: 15/09/1990

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Statutory interpretation is a more difficult area to master than might at first sight appear. Despite the vast number of authorities dealing with one aspect or another of the field and the numerous statements and repeated application of the major rules of statutory interpretation, a knowledge of those rules is not in itself sufficient to guide the lawyer in the interpretation of a statute. This book is a classic in the area and provides a clear and lucid account of the area

Statutory Interpretation by Dr Donald Gifford, brings together the various strands of statutory interpretation and provides an invaluable overview of a subject which is normally touched on by the courts only as an incident to deciding the particular cases currently before them.

Originally published in 1990 the text is available again as a high quality PDF. The book’s discussion and analysis is still very much relevant today and an invaluable reference to students and practitioners who need a concise and insightful coverage of the increasing important legal discipline.
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