Telecommunications Law in New Zealand Book + eBook

Telecommunications Law in New Zealand Book + eBook


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Date: 30/05/2021

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Telecommunications Law in New Zealand sets out the laws, regulations and regulatory decisions that govern activities in the telecommunications sector. 


The book focuses first on the regulation of traditional managed networks and services, as set out in the Telecommunications Act 2001, including the unique voluntary registration scheme, the two access regimes designed to promote competition, and the recent foray into telecommunications-specific consumer protection rules. Going beyond that statute, the book then outlines the rules governing the provision of Internet access, but also and helpfully the provision via that access of Internet application services such as search engines, electronic marketplaces and social media platforms. It ends with an examination of the rights and obligations of end-users, the rules governing the scarce resources of radio spectrum and telephone numbers, and market player obligations in terms of interception and security.


This is a reference work that should be near to hand for those that operate in or study this highly regulated industry.  Telecommunications Law in New Zealand is a quick and accessible, yet trustworthy and authoritative source of information as well as the starting point for deeper research and understanding of the topic.


Table of Contents



Part One: Telecommunications

1.  Relevant texts and players

2.  Voluntary registration

3.  Standard access regime – overview

4.  Standard access regime – the Schedule 3 process

5.  Standard access regime – the determination process

6.  Special access regime for fibre

7.  Sector-specific consumer protections

8.  Supply-side initiatives

9.  Industry levies

10.  Universal service obligations

Part Two: Internet access and applications

11.  The provision of internet access

12.  Internet applications

13.  Non-regulation of ISPs and IASPs

Part Three: End-users

14.  Regulation of end-users 

Part Four: Scarce resources

15.  Radio spectrum – relevant texts and players

16.  Radio spectrum – allocation and assignment

17.  Numbering – relevant texts and players

18.  Numbering – designation and allocation

Part Five: Security

19.  Surveillance obligations and cyber-security frameworks

Table of Statutes and Regulations

Table of Cases




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