The Annotated Federal Interpretation Act

The Annotated Federal Interpretation Act


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Date: 29/06/2016

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Interpretation Acts are significant codes for interpreting federal and provincial legislation, containing not just general rules of construction, but substantive directives on how the legislation should be applied. This practical reference contains everything required to get the right interpretation every time, including:
  • Full, consolidated texts of the federal Interpretation Act
  • Case summaries that illustrate how these statutes have been applied by the courts in interpreting other statutes, shedding light not just on interpretation legislation, but on a wide range of statutes and regulations, from penal statutes and labour legislation to rules of civil procedure and the taxing ordinances
  • Commentary discussing the operation of each section of the Acts reproduced
  • Index and table of cases

What's New
  • Completely updated and revised
  • A new Concordance of all Interpretation Acts (or equivalent) across the Provinces/Territories sets out corresponding sections with those sections of the Federal Interpretation Act
  • A new Concordance of the Federal Interpretation Act 1985 sets out corresponding sections in the Interpretation Act 1970
  • Detailed and expanded case annotations offer greater clarity on reasoning and outcome for each decision
  • Chronological listing of cases under each heading and subheading of the Act highlight key, recent changes
  • Insightful commentary
  • English annotations of cases available only in French
  • Sections of the Federal Interpretation Act are set out side-by-side in both French and English


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