The Commercial Lease: A Practical Guide, Fifth Edition

The Commercial Lease: A Practical Guide, Fifth Edition


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Date: 31/07/2013

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Clause by clause, from the initial offer to the final agreement, this work provides expert commentary and guidance to help you formulate a commercial lease both parties can agree to. The fifth edition adds even more updates, comments and revisions but in the same useful format and plain-language style.

Inside you'll also find:

  • Numerous changes updating the lease to reflect the growing impact of the electronic era on leasing, such as whether Internet sales should be included/excluded from gross revenue and the impact of email
  • A free companion CD-ROM containing the precedent lease, and six notices designed to speed the drafting process
  • A discussion of "super priorities" in the event of distress by a landlord for outstanding rental arrears
  • A discussion of recent landlord and tenant court decisions
  • Changes to the Ontario assessment and property taxation system
  • Numerous new interpretations on the practical problems of commercial leasing from both the landlord's and tenant's point of view

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