The Law of Partnership in Australia 9th Edition

The Law of Partnership in Australia 9th Edition

By Keith Fletcher


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Date: 14/09/2007

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Now in its ninth edition, The Law of Partnership in Australia maintains its standing as a comprehensive and authoritative text. Important practical aspects of partnership law are reviewed, such as formation, fiduciary obligations, transactions between partners and third parties, legal action by and against partners, bankruptcy and winding up.

The new edition interprets legislative changes, including recently enacted provisions for the formation and operation of incorporated limited partnerships. Developments in case law are also addressed, including updated material on the following topics: carrying on business; incomplete ventures; principals who do not share profits; entitlement to share in post-dissolution revenue profits; fiduciary obligations; accounting for benefits; liability for equitable wrongs; whether liquidation of a corporate partner is the equivalent of bankruptcy; and limitation of actions.

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