The Portable Guide to Witnesses 3rd Edition

The Portable Guide to Witnesses 3rd Edition


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Date: 22/12/2014

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The Portable Guide to WitnessesThird Edition takes all the law concerning the treatment of witnesses, adds helpful commentary and cross-references, and combines it in one convenient resource that you can use in the courtroom. The softcover format features tabbed chapters and spiral binding that provide fast access to the information you need. This portable guide is also cross-referenced to the classic in the field Witnesses by Alan Mewett and Peter Sankoff. Together, The Portable Guide to WitnessesThird Edition and Witnesses give you the big picture of the law of evidence as it applies to witness evidence in civil and criminal proceedings, administrative tribunals, public inquiries, and legislative committees.

Whats inside:

  • The role of the witness: Providing admissible evidence, fact, and opinion
  • Calling a witness to testify: The order of witnesses and the form of testimony
    • Examination and cross-examination
    • Re-examination
    • The trial Judges role in questioning witnesses
    • Questions from the Jury
    • The rule against splitting the case
    • Re-opening the case
  • Communicating with witnesses: Interviewing the witness
  • Communicating with a witness during the trial
  • Communication between witnesses
  • Witness testimony and language choice
  • Common law
  • Section 14 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Official languages legislation

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