Tort Law 7th Edition

Tort Law 7th Edition

By Lewis N Klar KC


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Date: 25/05/2023

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Carswell, Canada


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What's New:

  • Examination of important Canadian court decisions on topics such as:
    • The Supreme Court of Canada's new approach to the duty of care in negligent misrepresentation and other pure economic loss cases as explained in Deloitte & Touche v. Livent Inc. (Receiver of) and 1688782 Ontario Ltd. v. Maple Leaf Foods
    • The role of foreseeability of harm as a matter of duty, breach, and remoteness as discussed in cases such as Rankin (Rankin Sales & Garage) v. J.J and other decisions involving liability of harm caused by third parties
    • Public authority tort liability with reference to proximity and the policy/operational dichotomy discussed by the Supreme Court in Nelson (City) v. Marchi
    • The issue of established and novel duty categories recovery of damages for mental injuries
    • The tort of public nuisance as explained by the British Columbia Court of Appeal in British Columbia v. Apotex
    • New "privacy" torts such as the "public disclosure of private facts" and "publicity placing the plaintiff in a “false light"
    • Whether there is a stand-alone tort of "harassment"
    • Product liability actions against gun manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies the Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Florence v. Benzaquen involving claims for "wrongful life"
    • Occupier's liability cases, especially in relation to waivers of liability
    • Anti-SLAPP motions and other issues in defamation cases
  • Inclusion of important judgments from the United Kingdom's Supreme Court

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