Tradition and Change in Australian Law Fifth Edition - Book

Tradition and Change in Australian Law Fifth Edition - Book

By Patrick Parkinson


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Date: 10/12/2012

Code: 9780455230795

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Tradition and Change in Australian Law, Fifth Edition, imparts a thorough understanding of the institutions and systems of Australian law by revisiting their origins. It features a detailed explanation of the Australian legal system, past and present, covering the origins of the Western legal tradition, the importance of English history in shaping Australian law and the path from colonisation to independence. It also explains the contemporary court system, judicial reasoning and statutory interpretation. The final chapter explores the challenges for the future, given that traditions offer the framework for evolutionary change.

The fifth edition of Tradition and Change in Australian Law, which has been thoroughly revised and updated, provides an excellent foundation for students beginning the study of law. The approachable style of this popular text also makes it useful for the general reader who wants to gain an understanding of Australian law, past, present and future.

Table of Contents

1. The Tradition of Law in Australia

2. The Western Idea of Law

3. The Development of Common Law, Equity and Statute

4. Constitutional Law and the Westminster System of Government

5. Government and Law in Colonial Australia

6. Australian Federation and the Path to a Republic

7. The Court System in the Australian Federation

8. Tradition and Change in Legal Reasoning

9. Interpreting Statutes

10. The Challenge of Inclusion


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