Understanding & Negotiating Turnkey & EPC Contracts 4th edition

Understanding & Negotiating Turnkey & EPC Contracts 4th edition

By Joseph Huse


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Date: 29/06/2020

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A must-have resource for construction practitioners drafting and negotiating Turnkey and EPC contracts. It enables the users to understand key points when working on dispute cases and gain a thorough understanding of the clauses in the contracts.

Key features:

  • Provides insight and guidance when dealing with EPC-turnkey contracts
  • Offers a comparison of the terms of the 2017 Silver Book with the 1999 Silver Book, 2017 Yellow Book and 2017 Red Book
  • Takes a practical clause-by-clause approach offering practical commentary and guidance on the new features of the 2017 FIDIC Silver Book including the 30 newly defined terms, improved liability provisions, new triggers for termination, re-written insurance provisions, active contract management approach, re-structured variations clause, enhanced defects notification, commencement, delays and suspensions clause and re-formulated claims and disputes procedure
  • Provides commentary on a selection of the latest standard form contracts published in the construction industry other than FIDIC namely the JCT, NEC4 ECC, IChemE, AIA, DBIA, ENAA and ICC contracts
  • Features the authors' bespoke EPC-turnkey contract used for tendering a multi-billion dollar expansion of a refinery
  • Guides you on what to consider when putting together a case, drafting a contract or negotiating terms with a client from the perspective of both the contractor and the employer
  • Considers risk allocation for contracts
  • Uses flowcharts and diagrams to illustrate key points

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Contract
  2. Turnkey and EPC Contracts (Including the FIDIC Silver Book)
  3. The Use of the FIDIC Silver Book in the Context of a Project Financing
  4. The Contract
  5. The Employer
  6. The Employer's Administration
  7. The Contractor
  8. Design
  9. Staff and Labour
  10. Plant, Materials and Workmanship
  11. Commencement, Delays and Suspension
  12. Tests on Completion
  13. Employer's Taking Over
  14. Defects Liability
  15. Tests after Completion
  16. Variations and Adjustments
  17. Contract Price and Payment
  18. Termination by Employer
  19. Suspension and Termination by Contractor
  20. Care of the Works and Indemnities
  21. Insurance
  22. Force Majeure
  23. Claims
  24. Disputes and Arbitration

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