Administrative Law Principles

Administrative Law Principles

By Haydn Rigby


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Date: 05/12/2023

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Administrative Law Principles 1st ed is an ideal primer for students of administrative law. It includes a systematic approach to resolving problems arising in administrative law including the numerous threshold issues such as standing, jurisdiction and justiciability which serve as gatekeepers to this area of the law and offers pragmatic solutions and multiple suggested approaches when tackling government bureaucracies (hence the ‘many doors’ schematic of the book’s front cover).

Once a tribunal’s or courts administrative law jurisdiction is found to be enlivened, the book then settles into a thorough examination of the many relevant grounds for review (and how they interrelate to one another and the concept of ‘cascading grounds’) as well as discussing appropriate remedies.

The book strives for a balance of clear and accessible explanations of the basic concepts of administrative law with some of the more intricate unsettled points of law for those who wish to take a deeper dive into the area, all aided by compact summaries of the law in each chapter, which help aid in an understanding of complex legal concepts and how they relate to one another.

Administrative Law Principles 1st ed presents each subject area in a logical chronological sequence of steps when practising administrative law and contains 15 chapters over 3 parts.



Table of Contents

Part 1 – Introductory/Threshold Issues

Chapter 1  – The Nature of Administrative Law 

Chapter 2  – Threshold issues: Justiciability

Chapter 3 –  Threshold issues : Jurisdiction

Chapter 4 –  Threshold issues: Standing

Part 2 – Merits review

Chapter 5 – Merits Review 

Chapter 6 – Mertis Review : Discovery Processes, Reasons and FOI

Chapter 7 – External merits review: Adjudicative processes - Tribunals and Hearing bodies

Chapter 8 – External merits review: Investigatory Processes - Ombudsman

Part 3 – Judicial review

Chapter 9 – Nature of Judicial Review

Chapter 10 – The ADJR Act

Chapter 11 – Grounds of Review: Jurisdictional Error - Narrow Ultra Vires

Chapter 12 – Grounds of Review: Broad Ultra Vires - Discretionary Factors

Chapter 13 – Natural Justice and the Hearing Rule

Chapter 14 – Natural Justice : The Rule against Bias

Chapter 15 -  Consequences and Remedies


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